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  Love Letter to Yi Peng
I know I haven’t posted a makeup tutorial or anything in ages although I have to say, I’ve been enjoying highlighters these days. My skin is oily as hell but I’ve come to embrace it. I don’t even use a face powder anymore. Yes to glowy skin.

But this post isn’t meant to be of me rambling about my skin. It’s supposed to be for you, Adrienne.  So here it goes *inhales*:

There’s a reason why I was probably the only one who didn’t write you a letter. It didn’t hit me yet. I mean, I could go on and on about our adventures, our dates, our gossip seshs. All the time we hung out – but you know how it was, how they were; you were there, you’ve read the little messages of me missing you that I’ve dropped here and there. What else could I have said? You know I’m grateful for everything.

But how about AFTER you left? 

I couldn't write that down in a letter because it hadn't happened yet.

When it did, I felt like the whole time driving to the airport, my heart chipped bit by bit. Sure I cried when we hugged and stopped when you headed down the escalator. I thought, yeah, I’m over it. She’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.

But it hit me like a thrown basketball to the boobs when we exited the airport. You were my first real mate in college and I could count on you to be around if ever I had to let out anything, but in the end I had to watch you go. AUP’s a bitch.

Suddenly, my heart felt empty. I felt empty. Eurica told me to do something fun, something that would make me happy. No piercing, vegan food, lipstick, Starbucks Green Tea Cream Chip, drives, walks could fix it – yes, yes, I did all the above. All in the matter of, what, 5 hours after you left?

Your postcard made me smile, though. I showed Aisar the bottom part and he said he wanted to cry. He’s made sure the seat next to mine in MPW class would be his and no one else. Ha ha ha ha…

And then Tash said that sometimes you have to share the best people with the world and I could admit it might be a bit selfish of me but I’d like to sigh and disagree. I don’t know what voodoo spell you girls have put into our conversations and lured me in because damn, I’ve gotten so clingy over the past year.

You’re probably the coolest person I know and I know you said that my life is interesting but it only is – have been lately – because of you. I’m glad we had that second lunch together in the first semester. I’ve learnt a lot ever since.

(And for Adrienne’s usual readers, you might think this post is irrelevant or you’d probably relate if you’ve ever had to say goodbye to someone who means a lot) (Don’t get mad at me) (I’m never usually this big of a soppy drama queen) (Because chillest)

But let us wish her a good luck as she rocks the fashion industry in the US of A. You bet she will. We'll expect a lot of fashion posts when she settles down. Hopefully.

And if I do miss you a little more than necessary, I'll get around to finishing up all the movies you included in the pendrive. I'm only four movies in as of now and they've all been up my street. Oh, you know me so well...

(Love you, my homegirl with the biggest ass of us all)

The Whitney to your Ray,

Marini Ash x

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This week has been a balancing act of work and play. After a weekend of holing up in my room binge watching Orange Is The New Black, never seeing the sunlight except to gather food, it was very much needed to get out of the house and work. I really do like being outside and creating good shots, but the heat will get to ya. Dreaming of chilly days in San Francisco on a daily basis. To beat the heat, I threw on my Forever 21 crop top and paired it off with a wraparound skirt I scored in Cambodia. I'm the epitome of clashing colours but after a week of head to toe black, I need it. My H&M sandals have been my go to footwear because screw socks and closed toe footwear, it's too hot for that.

Till then,
*long heavy sigh*

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  Tuesday Tunes: Out Of The Woods

The emotions that have resonated so well with this song could be linked to me leaving in a month's time. Leaving is always bittersweet, but knowing that there is nothing tying me down is absolutely liberating. There are factors that would make leaving so much tougher, such as my amazing support group (aka friends & family) and Third Culture. Ultimately, I know that this would only lead to better things and taking that leap of faith is what everyone needs in life from time to time. 

Till then,
Cheers to the unknown. 

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  Photo Diary: Langkawi II

Day two in Langkawi was spent swimming with fishes, in particular baby sharks, and looking out for corals. Swimming in the sea is so therapeutic as you allow yourself to drift along. I spent most of my time following fishes that caught my interest, especially those baby sharks with hanger ons aka remoras. When we were done, we were sun kissed and had acquired beach hair.

Till then,
Yearning for California.

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  Tuesday Tunes: Right Before My Eyes

As I was lost in the world of 60s fashion, Vogue and Alice In Wonderland inspired shoots due to Grace Coddington's memoir, this song abruptly pulled me out of everything. When you are deep into a book and it is playing smoothly in your head like a great film, it is tough for background music to lure you out so completely. Thus, when this song did just that, I had to pay attention. 

Maybe you should to?

Till then,
I saw the whole world lose control. 

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  Ground Control

Good Worth and Co. cap (cop it here), Thrifted top, H&M high waist jeans, 
Boots from Taipei. 

One Friday morning, the Third Culture team assembled at our HQ along with two of my delightful friends who were oh-so-kind to oblige us taking photos of them for a movie inspired piece. You can peep it here. We made it through 4 wardrobe changes and darkening makeup in less than 2 hours. Props to Rathika, who played the crucial role of camerawoman as I bounced around the room taking behind the scenes Instagram shots.

Fashion tip of the day: For boxy/oversized men's shirts, chop off the bottom half for a boxy crop top. That's exactly what I did with this shirt and now it fits perfectly.

Till then,
Best wishes!

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