Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Running Through

Hi. It's been awhile.

I have been thinking about social media platforms for awhile now, how it affects our mannerisms and our everyday habits. There are definitely pros and cons, like many aspects in life, but after an experiment of sorts, in which I went cold turkey for 2 weeks, I found out that I'm significantly more productive without it.

Yet I feel like I miss out on a lot of things, especially when it comes to in the moment happenings or random things that my friends do that they don't particularly bring up during conversations. Without social media in the way, I read more, cross things off my list more and feel free in some ways, as if the pressure is off. Social media definitely has a certain amount of pressure on its users, in which people say shit like "if it isn't on Instagram, it didn't happen". I do see where they're coming from, but I think it's a great way to keep track of certain moments in your life. I for one tend to forget days easily as everything seamlessly meshes together into this huge whirlwind pool that I cannot detach individual moments from. But yeah, certain expectations are held in high esteem when you have been active on social media.

By David Shrigley

Where I stand now in regards to social media are 1) it shouldn't be on the main page of my phone, instead I have Duolingo (language learning app), so that I think "do I really need to scroll through Instagram/Twitter right now" before I actually do so. 2) I like how you are able to connect with people who are a million miles away on it/find new interesting people/learn new things/be inspired. At the end of the day, it all depends on how you use it, or should I say, abuse it.

This brings me to my next point, I'm not cut out to be a fashion blogger. I don't like posting outfit shots as it is because I find that really uninspiring. Maybe because there's a plethora of people out there doing the same thing, but I know that I'm unmotivated to jump on that particular bandwagon. This doesn't mean my love for fashion has diminished, instead my love for art has been heightened, as I wish to incorporate art, in all its glorious media, into fashion. Opening Ceremony is a good example of that, read: Opening Ceremony 100% Lost Cotton. Leon and Lim collaborated with Spike Jones and Jonah Hill to come up with a play instead of opting for your conventional runway show. The blend of different artistic media colliding into this massive unit blows my mind sometimes, significantly in terms of Childish Gambino's screenplay & album work for Because The Internet. (I can go on forever, ask any of my friends or poor soul that brings up rap/Donald Glover, but I won't.)

What I'm trying to say ultimately is that I'm still on the path of finding what I want to contribute in terms of fashion and art, so bare with me as I experiment, fuck up and dust myself off. My inspirations now are Where Is Frank, Maya Goo, Caitlin Hazell and Eryn Lou. They're extremely creative folks that deserve so much attention for their work. 

As of right now, life has been a turbulent ride with a lot of uncertainties and emotions arising at random intervals in a day. It could be an identity crisis of sorts or just the stress of having to work on midterms. You know how it is. I'm trying to do so much that sometimes I feel stretched out and then I give up completely, resulting in a day binge watching movies on Netflix. I do handle my shit, but it takes time to get to them. There's a lot of thoughts in my mind and my words can't seem to encompass them fully, but right now, it's all good. I enjoy sitting on the fire escape with cigarettes in the air around me accompanied by fascinating people with interesting thoughts. It feels very much familiar to me. (You know who you are.)

Till then,
I'm on my way.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Look At All Your Stuff

Levi's vintage jacket, Hellz Bellz mesh top, Skorts from Michelle, Nikes, Socks from Taiwan,
Hype backpack, David Shrigley pin from MoCA, Noah Lyon pin from LACMA.

Long weekends spent procrastinating results to 4 hours worth of sitting in a cafe finishing up our Digital Techniques for Fashion assignment, in which we have to create a mini linesheet using any product we like. I decided to go with Nike's Air Zoom Pegasus 31 because they're so pretty to look at. Also, it wouldn't be wise to pick a garment because how often does an interesting piece come in multiple colours? Shoes are always wise for multiple layouts, I think. Fingers cross that by the end of the semester, I would no longer be as intimidated with InDesign and Illustrator as I am now. 

To dress for the long hours of labor, I decided to coordinate my outfit around my Tweety Bird mesh top from Hellz Bellz that I bought at 8 a.m on Cyber Monday because that's when it went on sale. Jenn Im of ClotheseEncounters has the exact same top. Great minds, I tell you. Instead of throwing on my choker, I decided to accessorise with my art related pins. David Shrigley's comics are so odd and lovely that everyone should read them at least once to enter a whole other way of thinking. 

Also, thank you Tasha & Ashley for recommending 13 Reasons Why. I'm halfway through. Will my emotions end up bouncing off the walls? I don't know, but I need to find out ASAP. 

Till then,
Reading 13 Reasons Why till 4 a.m.
(Oh how I miss skipping sleep for books.)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Dear Tasha: Rainbows, Sunshine

Universal Walk in LA, the first night we actually went out after bumming around the house for a good day and a half binge watching Friends. (The day we choose to go out is the day it rains. It's California for goodness' sake, it rarely rains!)

 That same night, we went to Griffith Observatory. It was beautiful. 

 The museum inspired us to watch Cosmos that very night. That show blew my mind. 

Trina is the best person to hang out with. 

That time we got lost and heard coyotes howling only to encounter one face to face. You were there, digitally. 

Nature and its beauty.

En route to Salvation Mountain. 

Mars replica. 

Salton Sea, an interesting piece on Vice that you have to read titled I Went to California's Post-Apocalyptic Beach Town. Intrigued? You better be. 


Crossed this magical place off my bucket list. 

 Pour vous, Tasha. 

 Salvation Mountain, Slab City. 

Running after sunsets after Salvation Mountain. 

In response to Tasha Iman.

My winter break is finally over and it was definitely an eye-opening experience. I thought I would have more time to do the things I wanted to, but when living with other people, you have to put into account of their time, which leaves little for you to do your own thing. It was possible, but incredibly hard to do. That's why I feel so much better to be back in my dorm, because it's my very own space that is solely mine.

You know what is going on in my life right now and it may seem extremely worrisome, but do trust me when I say that I'll be fine. I take challenges like these as lessons and I don't believe in being defeated. Striving to be the best that I can be is always my priority, especially when it comes to my well-being. You know that. If life isn't filled with rough patches, what's the point right? We're here to learn and grow, so that's what we are going to do, together.

Distance may be a bitch and a half, but the thought of having you a message away is incredibly reassuring. After the conversation we had, I'm feeling so much better. Just the thought of knowing there's people back home I can always rely on is extremely comforting, so thank you for standing by me. I've been reaching out to people here, so hopefully I start letting people in. Friendships, as we have discussed before, is extremely important to me. I'm trying to view people in different lights and not shut them down so easily by marking them off as incompatible. After all, everyone is going through something in their lives, so I may as well get to know them better instead of writing them off so easily.

People skills, which I lack, need to be strengthen. That's for sure.

Till then,
Hoping for the best.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Vintage Levi's denim jacket, Urban Outfitters dress, Earrings from Markets, 
Hype backpack, H&M boots. 

I like the idea of documentation. Of keeping a journal that is filled with memories, both significant and insignificant. Yet the idea of having it look pretty and up-to-par with so many beautiful journals you see on Tumblr stresses me out. I feel unworthy of posting anything that I create. With resolutions all around during the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015, I decided to cut myself some slack this year and just create as much as possible. I have to start somewhere no?

So this is me attempting to create content that I can be proud of, emphasis on attempt.

It is the second week of the spring semester and things seem to be going good so far. I have ideas churning in mind during class, as I walk to dinner, on the bus, in the shower; anywhere really. I want to do this, no more pushing it away. It has been two decades of doing so, it's time for change.

Till then,
Bear with me.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ideé Fixe: Sneakers with Everything

{Image source:}

After clicking through a ton of street style looks for the past few days, my infatuation towards sneakers in replacement of boots and heels have escalated to a whole new height. They look so effortless yet casual. I don't think sneakers necessarily downplay a look, instead they elevate it to a refreshing urban look. Not only do they go well with a lot of outfits, they are also extremely practical. Walking around San Francisco in a midi dress with my pair of white Nikes and my ankle grazing coat feels amazing. A post on how to incorporate sneakers into your everyday wear will be up soon.

Till then,
Be inspired.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dear Tasha: Reflections

{Image credit: Ashley Fenison}

In response to Tasha Iman.

For the past few days, I've realised how insignificant New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and my birthday can be. The weight in which we personally bestow upon these days can be such a huge pressure that is at the end of the day, really unnecessary. Any other day can have that weight of significance to it, I believe. If you wanted to do something so badly, you would have done it already instead of waiting for another day to go by. I know certain things can't happen immediately, but there are steps leading up to it. Instead of waiting around, I want to start doing things in the present, which I think I have been doing in the year 2014. By doing so, positive things came out of it, so I shall do so more in the future.

2014 was a great year. There was a lot of personal growth and achievements. Although, towards the end of it I seem to have lost a sense of being momentarily. I think it's only human to be in doubt of what you want and to fear time. I'm always afraid that I'm not achieving everything I possibly can at this age. That after a certain time, all opportunities will pass me by and I'll regret never doing enough. That's one of my worst fears: not doing enough. That is how I ended up with two internships this semester and two contributing roles for online magazines that I hold in high esteem.

As I read The Happiness Project, it reminded me that I don't have to be good in everything nor do I need to "catch up". The feeling of lost has not completely passed, but I'll figure it out in the long run. A contributing factor of this feeling is not having a place I can go to and call home. Being in a new country with no permanent residence is frightful and before winter break, I had no idea where I was headed and whether I would have a place to stay. I'm lucky in the sense that three lovely people decided to have me during this nomad period. It has been two weeks of living out of a suitcase and certain people and places have started feeling like home.

The future is uncertain and this would all be good stories to tell later on. So, I shall not fret and just embrace what I have, because it's the only thing I really can do.

Till then,

Friday, January 2, 2015

December Favourites

10th Dec: Glass Animals

It was my first time ever attending a concert alone. I was nervous mostly because 'the storm of the decade' was predicted to hit The City that night. It never did happen until early on in the morning the next day. I met a couple of cool kids and ended up in the front row once Glass Animals took the stage. They sounded amazing live thanks to their energy. It was a small venue, which reminded me a lot of The Bee. All in all, I had such a blast meeting new friends and dancing all night.

20th Dec - 26th Dec: Beginning of winter break & Christmas

Life of the nomad begins. My dorm kicked us out, so we were to go home or wander America. I chose the latter. Spent Christmas with family friends in Woodland/Sacramento, Ca. I had such a great time enjoying good food in good company and just chilling around their home. Watching Netflix till the wee hours of the morning with no obligations in mind is the greatest privilege one could have for winter break.

26th Dec - 27th Dec: Amtrak en route to Eugene, Oregon

The Amtrak beats the bus any day, albeit the 12 hour on it. The observation deck was a great place to just read and kill time whilst en route to wherever it is you're headed. Passing by the many national parks of Oregon was equal parts fascinating and breathtaking.

{Shot by Ashley Fenison}

28th Dec: The Coast

I've always wanted to go to the beach when it's chilly out. Now I can cross that off my bucket list. We went to two beaches that day as well as Old Town. The first beach was definitely my favourite because everywhere you looked, it was like a postcard. That's how picture perfect it was. After dinner, we went to another beach in Florence. By then, it was dark out and it was an ideal scene for a slasher flick. The wind was howling and it was the kind of bitter cold that you couldn't really shake off. Even so, it was so much fun.

29th Dec: Downtown Eugene 

A day filled with lust worthy boba, over ordering Japanese food, exploring Downtown in the bitter cold, eating donuts at Voodoo and chilling in a stranger's apartment. 

30th Dec: Mt. Pisgah

Never take two over energetic puppies out for a hike in the cold unless you're ready to run up slippery trails. Also, never drive an hour away to your lake house unless you know for sure that the locks haven't been changed.

{Shot by Ashley Fenison}

31st Dec: Portland!

Powell Book's is everything. From used books to rare books to journals to random knick knacks, they had it all. Spent food money on art books because I wanted to. This place was so overwhelming. There were stairs leading you everywhere, which reminded me of Hogwarts. 

We spent New Years Eve eating slices of pizza bigger than our faces, wandering the streets of Downtown Portland, getting lost, riding trains for free, taking candid photos with my UO film camera and counting down by a construction site/train track. 

{Both shot by Ashley Fenison}

1st Jan (technically wouldn't fit right here but hey, it's part of the story): Portland Day 2

Everyday Music is a vinyl/CD store split in two sections. Found a Beatles record here for $20. Another item to cross off my list. If only, Childish Gambino and The National weren't that pricey. 

The Roxy is a rad diner that is extremely quirky. As Hana puts it: "All kinds of food and weird vibes!" Fans of Quentin Tarantino would love it here. Their coffee was the bomb and I'm dreaming of my next visit already. 

Portland, you were everything and more. Kinda want to pack up and move into an apartment above Zeus Cafe so that I'm within walking distance of Powell's and EM, but SF is where I belong right now. Someday, hopefully. 


Fulfilled my promise of getting it AFTER finals. No regrets. Having the app on your phone and tablet is extremely dangerous though, because it takes binge watching to a whole new level. One in which I have yet to achieve, don't worry.

The Alchemist

Read this during finals, which was actually a great idea. It's such an inspiring book that doesn't push you involuntarily. Instead, it's like a guide that allows you to think for yourself. If you're facing a rough patch in life, this book is perfect for you because you might find what you are looking for. It is also a feel good book that breathes hope into one's life. Too much? No.


At first, I thought this movie was the one with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, which after seeing the trailer, I found ridiculously dumb. Threw a fit on the way to Reno when everyone was raving about it on Twitter with Nikki as my witness. Turns out, it wasn't and we really enjoyed this movie. Didn't find it draggy as a lot of people claimed it to be. This movie started a domino effect that led me to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, which isn't everybody's cup of tea although it is a good movie.

Back To The Future Trilogy

I've always watched this as a kid, but never in order, because HBO doesn't roll that way. My mom loved Michael J. Fox and this is one of her favourite movies. I remember how she would tell me, "He doesn't like being called a chicken." This trilogy is timeless. It made me so tense because shit kept happening and you never know what's going to happen. It's not your typical, "Oh it's ending soon so all will be well." No, this keeps you on the edge, as ridiculous as that sounds. Back then they were so optimistic about the future, now dystopian movies are pretty much like Interstellar. Sand and dying.

I may be bias but god damn Donald Glover is hilarious. This standup is 89% of the reason why I got Netflix. Ah man, might just watch this again after writing this post. 

The Wolf of Wall Street

It may be the cast (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill forever) or it may be the solid storyline. I don't know, you tell me. 3 hours is nothing. This movie is totally worth it. (Watched it for the second time before hiking Mt. Pisgah and it was still bomb.)

Exxus by Glass Animals

On days where I wanna shut the world away on my way to class, this is my go to song.

When you see him, look him in the eye, look him in the eye and he won't dare to follow. 

(Never did realise how apt this song is for what I intended it for.)

Zombie by Jamie T

This is the song I've been listening to as I get ready to face the day. It's just fun and super easy to sing along to.

You're The One That I Want by Angus & Julia Stone

Her voice is perfect for this song. It's dreamy and wonderful. Constantly reminding me of Chanel N°5: The One That I Want Film. If you haven't watch it yet, you should. It's better than the one with Cara and Pharell, in my opinion.

Everywhere We Go by Sonreal

Ashley played this on the way to the coast and it soon become our road trip anthem. Connor's mad speakers does the bass justice. Blast this on your next road trip and tell me I'm wrong. I dare you.

Honorary mention: Parks and Rec season 6 - finished this in two days and suffered major withdrawals. Thank goodness for 30 Rock. Portlandia season 3 - made so much sense after visiting Portland. Loved it, as per usual.

Till then,
May you treat 2015 well.