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  Swing of Things

{Credit: 1st photo - Cyrus ; 3rd photo ; All is Amazing}

It's late and I have a shitload to do later on in the day but I can't seem to shut my brain up. Partially because this is one of the major duties I have had as an intern for Third Culture. The internship is great, don't get me wrong, I'm just worried I wouldn't pull through. Right now though, everything seems to be in place, I just need to stop overthinking.

Balancing college and the internship ain't too big of a deal because I have the best bosses ever who understand that I have classes, assignments, tests etc etc. Life is good when you're out of the rut. The time and place of me exiting the rut is tough to pinpoint but it did indeed happen.

Losing my train of thought, I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel today and 2 hours flew by. That's an indication of a great movie. The colours, the settings, the costumes, the dialog and the soundtrack were ace. Wes Anderson can do no wrong really. It made me feel fuzzy inside after it ended and life seemed a little duller but that's just post good movie feels. My vision is clouding over and I can feel my stomach grumbling which is a sign that I should crawl under my covers and call it a night.

Till then,
Sleep tight.

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  Automatic Stop

Thifted top, H&M skirt, Backpack from Sungei Wang, Shoes from Taipei. 

Cheers to taking outfit posts again after months of slacking off. Back to the existential question of, if there aren't any pictures of it, did it really ever happen?

Decided to try out the whole print on print ordeal, which I usually wouldn't because the thought of having to coordinate prints tend to give me a headache. Even this outfit made me stare at myself in the mirror for a few minutes as the thought of giving others a headache worries me. Surprisingly though, that didn't happened. Instead people actually liked the clash of prints. The universe is full of surprises.


Till then, 
Good times.

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  Tuesday Tunes: A Rush of Blood to the Head

This song gives me chills down my spine in an extremely good way. I remember listening to it in my car on the way to college one morning and it made me pay attention. The best way to listen to this song, in my opinion, is by turning it up as you drive along the highway at night or super early in the morning when it is still dark out, alone. That was one of the best experiences for me. 

I tend to zone out when listening to this song, which is nice because sometimes we need some form of escapism from our own head. 

Till then, 
Take a listen. 

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Anyone who knows me well enough would know that I live for spontaneous getaways. If you ever called me up saying 'Hey, let's go to Ipoh/Melaka/Ulu Langat/PD now.', 97% of the time I'll say yes. Even if it isn't some far off locale, but somewhere close by to eat even, I'll say yes. Probably because I like being out, being on the go and being with people. The odd days that I do in fact say no is due to the fact that I'm sick, even then, the idea of going out will gnaw at me for hours on end.

Anyway, the bunch of shots above are from our trip to Hulu Langat/Sg Congkak Waterfall. It was great. I wrote a post on it on Third Culture, in which you can read it here.

After getting all of my rolls back, I can't wait to go out, explore somewhere, anywhere preferably with someone who wouldn't mind taking lots of photos, eating at obscure places and having coffee in cafés with vinyl players.

Till then,
Mildly content.

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  You; My Compass & My Sea.

Emotions have been at an all time high, ranging from incredibly unhappy to happiness that radiates. Sometimes I pause and think how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. The pessimist in me would never believe that I would find such incredible people around me, who love me as much as I love them. But hey, the universe has some good tricks up its sleeves. They really are my rock, my pseudo family of sorts. And the thought of leaving them has never really hit me until recently. 

Just today I was planning a short trip to Singapore, but realised how I didn't really have much time to do so because in 4 months' time, I'll be jetting off to the other side of the world with a new chapter of my life ahead of me. There are so many things to look forward to in all honesty. I am happy and grateful for the opportunities ahead, but at the same time it's tough letting go of my life here. It will alter in ways I can never fully fathom, it's definitely a leap of faith and saying goodbye is only the beginning.

Till then, 
Drowning in thoughts. 

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  Overflow of Emotions

{Photo by: Amanda}

“When I was excited about life, I didn't want to write at all. I've never written when I was happy. I didn't want to. But I've never had a long period of being happy, Do you think anyone has? I think you can be peaceful for a long time, When I think about it, if I had to choose, I'd rather be happy than write. You see, there's very little invention in my books. What came first with most of them was the wish to get rid of this awful sadness that weighed me down . I found when I was a child that if I could put the hurt into words, it would go. It leaves a sort of melancholy behind and then it goes.”

- Jean Rhys

I came across this quote when browsing through my entire bookmark list of blogs. This one in particular stayed with me all day long. (You can read the post here.) It is a great relief when you come across a quote that resonates so well with how you are currently feeling. The whole situation feels less complex and you feel a little less lonely. Sad is a misunderstood word, I feel, sometimes you are sad, but it is not a negative feeling. Maybe this is all nonsensical, but putting emotions into words has never been my forte. 

On a side note, I have been thinking a lot about this one piece I read in some random magazine that is stacked somewhere deep in the depths of my room. It is about a group of guys who travelled round the world back in the 1900s. I long to find the piece and read it again but I can't seem to face the stacks of magazine that I am in denial of ownership of. Someday, I shall form a system but as of now, nah. Goodbye Horses and The Motorcycle Diaries will have to do as a way of satisfying my desire to road trip. 

Till then,
All's good when you have distractions. 

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A weekend away from home made me come to two realisations:

{Photo credit: Marsya}

1) Home is within you, just like I said in a piece I wrote for Third Culture (you can read it here). It surprises me how at home I feel with certain people as well as in certain places. These people and places make everything seem better, despite how shitty one feels on a particularly off day. BUT, I realised that once you start feeling comfortable alone without the constant tingling need to have someone to talk to (via online or in person), you can start feeling comfortable in that little haven of yours. Sometimes a little time off from the people around you is all you ever need to reenergise.

2) Technology does not promote productivity, at times. Do you realise how much time is spent when on your phone? Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc etc is a click away on any one of your phones and that is why it is so damn distracting. I procrastinate by clicking on all of these apps and have made it a habit to refresh over and over again. This weekend, I did not had access to the Internet and so I left my phone, which I rendered useless since there was -10 connectivity, somewhere in a corner. Hot damn diggity, did I use my time wisely. I managed to finish The Help (did anyone cry buckets at the last few pages?) as well as finish a movie I have been pushing off for ages. It feels good to finish things.

These are just thoughts I had in mind that I found the need to spew out as a note to self for future me.

Till then,
Get to work, YP.

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